Rodent Proofing

Rodents can find their way into buildings via gaps under doors, holes in walls, cable and pipe ducts or by making their own entry points. In order to help prevent this, measures should be taken to make a building as rodent proof as possible.
Whilst we will identify, record and report rodent entry points as part of our service, we can also undertake remedial proofing works to help lessen the chance of problems occuring again.
Rodents, their droppings and urine can contaminate surfaces they come into contact with and leave a multitude of harmful bacteria and disease organisms. They can also generate lingering bad smells that can be quite unpleasant and nauseous.
We offer a comprehensive clean-up and sanitise service to rid you of the problems caused by rodent activity and to make an area safe and hygenic once more.
If you would like us to make your premises more rodent proof or carry out an infestation santise/clean-up then please telephone or message us.
Dorset Area:             01202 834 404
Hants/Wilts Areas:    02380 988 477
Rodent Proofing:
In order to make your premises more rodent proof, there are a number of different methods that we use and this can include; fitting brush and kickplates to the bottoms of doors, meshing over vents and openings, cementing up holes, filling voids with expanding foam.
Rodent Santise/Clean-Up:
The specification for the service includes treating the affected area/s with a biocide solution, removal of droppings, nesting material and damaged/unwanted goods, cleaning of urine staining with detergents and a deodorisation of the area to remove any bad smells.
Clearance Works:
In some situations, there may have been other influences that have brought about a rodent problem such as overgrowth, rubbish or debris that has provided sanctuary or food sources for them. In most cases, we can clear these areas for you.