Fly Control

It is well known that Flies can transmit harmful bacteria onto surfaces they come into contact with, such as; raw and cooked foods, preparation worktops, cooking utensils etc., and these subsequently, can be picked up and contracted by people.
The presence of numbers of Flies in sensitive areas like kitchens and serveries can give the appearance of poor hygiene standards.
The consequences of food contamination by Flies can be very severe and could result in prosecution and fines, damage to your business reputation and potential loss of customers and income.
Whilst the use of pesticides can quickly bring about control  of a fly problem, it is not always the ideal form of control and therefore safer, long term alternatives should be considered.
If you are concerned about the detrimental effect Flies could have on your business then contact us today to arrange for an assessment of the fly control requirements for your premises.
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Fly Killer Units:
Able to provide 24/7 control of Flies and other flying insects such as Wasps and Midges etc.
The units come in different sizes and tube configurations. The type and number of units required is dependent on the area to be covered and competing light sources.
Units can be purchased outright and can include a maintenance programme.
Fly Screens:
If windows and doors are to be left open for ventilation, they will also allow Flies and other winged insects into the building. This in turn will increase the risk of food contamination occuring.
Fly screens provide a physical means of preventing Flies entering an area, therefore reducing the risks of the hazrds they could otherwise pose.
Fly screens can be fitted over most types of windows and doors are custom manufactured to ensure a perfect fit.
Chain Curtain Doors:
A cheaper alternative to the installation of fly screen doors, chain curtain doors offer a good deal of protection against flying insects entering sensitive areas.
The chains are manufactured from alloy and can be supplied in several different widths and lengths and a multitude of colours and patterns.