There are numerous insect pests that can quickly and easily infest buildings, cause distress and discomfort to people, contaminate food stuffs and food preparation surfaces, cause damage to carpets, soft furnishings and clothing and breach Health & Safety and Hygiene Laws.
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Bed Bugs:
Have become a major problem over the last 10 years. Require intensive and thorough treatment to eradicate them. First indications are usually bites to neck/face.
Usually found in warm/humid areas like kitchens and plant rooms. Can be brought in with imported foodstuffs and luggage.
Can transmit harmful bacteria. 
Whether it is Houseflies, Bluebottles, Fruit Flies or even Cluster Flies, we will swiftly bring them under control and reduce the hazards they pose.
Food Pests:
Many insects can infest stored or dried foods and these include; Flour and Biscuit beetles, Weevils, Moths and species of Mites.
Bird Mites:
Primarily associated with the presence of pest birds and their nests. In ideal conditions can quickly infest a home or building and be very troublesome.
The scourge of Summertime.
Nests can be located in roofs, walls, trees, bushes, etc. but we will ensure fast and safe destruction of them.
Primarily brought into the home by pets, but can also be associated with birds, foxes etc. and can picked up easily when outdoors. Can infest offices and other buildings.
Be it Garden Ants infesting your home or business, or tropical species such as Pharaohs Ants, we can rapidly clear them for you with the minimum of stress.
Textile Pests:
Species that can attack goods, clothing and furnishings include Varied Carpet beetles (woolly bears) and Clothes Moths and other related species.
Will nest in chimneys and walls etc. Due to the decline in numbers, best left alone if possible. Nests can be treated if there are health & safety implications.