Other Services

In addition to our mainstay pest control services, we will also undertake certain works dealing with Rabbits and Foxes.
Over the years, we have also been asked by clients to undertake other scopes of work and have subsequently gained considerable experience in these fields.
Please contact us for more information on these services.
Dorset Areas:                  01202 834 404
Hants/Wilts Areas:         02380 988 477
A destructive animal, well known for devastating crops and damaging lawns, fields and embankments with its burrowing.
We undertake the installation of anti-rabbit fencing and also meshing to prevent digging under foundations etc. We also carry out control of Rabbit numbers.
The urine and droppings of Foxes produce very accrid smells and within buildings this is very unpleasant. To counter this, we sanitise and deodorise the affected area and treat it for Fleas and Mites.
We can also carry out remedial proofing against Foxes.
Pressure Washing:
An offshoot of clearing areas of bird droppings, we also clean down floor, wall, roof areas etc. of algae, moss, traffic film and general grime and areas where stagnant water has built up, such as guttering, and which is providing breeding sites for Mosquitoes, Midges and Gnats.
Rubbish Clearance:
We have carried out the clearance and disposal of rubbish and waste matter from squats, drug dens, vagrant habitation or as a result of fly tipping. Can also be combined with a sanitise and cleaning programme inside buildings to make the area ready for reoccupation, redecoration or maintenance works.
Syringe Disposal:
Normally carried out prior to clearance of squats etc. We carry out a search, pick-up and disposal of used syringes. The work is carried out with safety being of the uppermost importance and to a high detail: We have found needles inside cans, freezers, cisterns, waste traps and wrapped inside clothing.