If you are experiencing problems with any of the following pests then we are the experts to call to rid them.
Contact us in the first instance and we will assess the nature and extent of the problem and provide you with a no obligation quotation and treatment plan.
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Increasing in numbers year on year.
Can be very destructive and can damage foodstuffs, wiring, stock, building fabrications etc.
Able to carry and transmit to humans many harmful disease organisms and bacteria.
Whilst not as feared as Rats, Mice can be just as destructive.
They can find their way into a building via very small gaps and holes.
Also able to carry and transmit disease organisms and bacteria.
Becoming more of a problem within buildings, particularly residential dwellings.
As with other rodents, they have a constant need to gnaw and will readily chew on wiring, roof timbers, soffats and stored items.
As cute as they may look, they can cause major damage to lawns and other grassed areas.
Moles are very territorial but will readily move into other areas in their quest for food.